The Fiendish Plot of Doctor Cyclone

I had my 3 showings of my video, The Fiendish Plot of Doctor Cyclone yesterday. People seemed to enjoy it and it was a pleasure to see the cast get up and get some applause after all their hard work. Here's the blurb:

The Fiendish Plot of Doctor Cyclone, a lunar comedy orbiting your funny bone...

You'd have to be crazy to raise kids on the Moon but when you work on a lunar base, what choice do you have?

When parents start acting strangely, it's up to the kids to find answers:
Why doesn't their teacher act like a teacher?
Is Shao's father really a traitor?
Can they stop Doctor Cyclone from attaining total galactic domination?

I wrote the script in July, cast students in grades 6-8 in December. Since then we have spent lunch hours and after school rehearsing or filming three days a week. I had all my footage by the end of April which gave me time to edit and figure out how to use Adobe Premier Elements. Not a bad program for the price. I like having the ability to edit the sound clips and to use colour key editing. Most of my scenes are filmed with a stationary camera in front of a green screen. I had a lot of fun later, putting in backgrounds. The story is set on the Moon so I used lots of copyright free pictures from Nasa. It was fun, way too many hours of work to edit but I've learned a lot. Next time it's going to be easier...

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