Around the Moon in 85 Pages

I have a new writing project. I drafted next year's school play in July, so now it's time to move on to something bigger. It's an SF comedy with lots of laughs and suspense aimed at a middle school audience.

So far I have written 85 pages. This has been one of the easiest writing projects ever because the ideas just keep coming. I'm finding writing a novel based on a story I've already visualized as a stage play works for me. One of my favorite writing mentors, Peter Carver, warned me that adapting one of my previous stage plays might be very difficult but there are countless well-known authors who seem able to make the transition between novel to stage play or screenplay. Let's hope I can be one of those people who takes the heart of a story and translates it for different mediums.

I'm planning to write at least four pages a day for the rest of the summer. That way once the school year comes around again, I should be editing, which is easier to do than writing the first draft when you can't spare big blocks of time.

So far I have recorded some of my word counts milestones:

Aug. 9 2 700 words
Aug. 10 7 300 words
Aug. 14 17 700 words
Aug. 15 19 000 words

Wish me luck as I continue today!

Happy reading.