Busy, busy, busy -- but not in the Vonnegut way

It has been an eventful week. My computer died and I have been spending many sleepless hours figuring out how to do things on a Mac Book Pro that I took for granted on my PC. It was old and used and when it died, I was so glad to receive a 'spare,' computer from my uncle.

I have been editing some short, environmental student films for a concert night on May 12. I am spending next week touring Washington DC with a group of students in grades 7 & 8. That means those films have to be edited and burned to DVD in short order. Naturally I have been having compatibility problems between my PC WAV files and the formats supported by MAC. I'm getting through it but I need to make sure there are no glitches on the night of the concert.

This weekend I saw the new Michel Tremblay play, Fragments de mensonges inutiles. at the Théâtre Français de Toronto, . Structurally, it was brilliant and I don't say that often. I would happily see it again.

Saturday I spent the whole day networking and taking workshops and attending panel discussions at the second ever Ontario Writer's Conference. It was inspiring and convinced me to get immediate access to all my manuscripts, despite my PC dying. What would I do if I had lost my stories and novels in progress?

Today, in addition to packing and seeing the once-in-a-lifetime King Tut exhibit at the AGO, I also managed to figure out how to make my old files talk to me again. I can thank my friend Rebecca for that. She told me to download OpenOffice free from the internet and so here I am, typing away again as if nothing ever happened. Sometimes I realize I must be the luckiest person around. Now if I could just convince the kids to stay out of trouble so I can get some sleep on that field trip....