Suck - Not!

Friday, I went to the premiere of Suck, written and directed by Rob Stefaniuk. How could I pass up a satire about rock 'n' roll vampires? This movie is full of little clins d'oeil to rock fans, while at the same time mocking vampire tropes. The fly-eating scene is straight-up Bram Stoker while the stare of the vampire lover mocks all those awkward glares in Twilight. The obvious metaphor of vampirism as addiction is done with originality and a light touch. I laughed out loud, often.

Stefaniuk's previous film, Phil the Alien, about an extra-terrestrial alcoholic, was good but this is a much bigger production. For one thing, it features cameos by Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Moby and Carol Pope.

Stefaniuk plays the leader of a penniless bar band, doomed to perpetual failure until their bassist, Jessica Paré, goes off with a toothsome stranger...

The film also stars Malcolm McDowell, Dave Foley, Henry Rollins, Alex Lifeson and Dimitri Coates. Additional cast members include Paul Anthony, Mike Lobel, Chris Ratz, Barbara Mamabolo and Nicole DeBoer and Calico Cooper.

This film is a crowd-pleaser, judging by the audience reaction at the Toronto International Film Festival. Personally, I enjoyed sitting a metre behind Carole Pope as she was waiting with the other cast members to introduce the film.

I don't know if it will win the People's Choice Award at the Festival but they have my vote. For those about to rock, Suck salutes you!

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