Cerealboxreader on DigitalJournal

As of today I have been approved as a Digital Journalist at DigitalJournal. The emphasis will be on news stories but I don't plan to turn my back on books. Do me a favour and check it out.

DigitalJournal is an international news site, physically based in Toronto, Ontario. I heard about it through a co-worker but there is also an article in Maisonneuve magazine which gives a fair description of this cutting-edge news experiment, as part of a larger article on what constitutes journalism in web 2.0.

I hope people will subscribe to my feed and start reading my articles. My only complaint about this blog is that it reaches so few people. I'm hoping that on DigitalJournal, I'll have more opportunities to interact with readers and writers. My goal is to write a few articles a week. Wish me good luck.

Happy reading.