Reading, Prepping & Writing. Which is procrastination?

"The house of fiction has many windows but only two or three doors." I love this quote, taken from James Wood's, How Fiction Works. It popped up on my twitterlit widget and reminded me of one of the most the important things in life: point-of-view.

I have just finished re-reading Writing the Second Act: Building Conflict and Tension in Your Film Script. This is another ritual read, in preparation for planning the second act of this year's school 'play with music.' (I'm superstitiously afraid to call a comedy with dance numbers and recorded music, a musical.)

The deadlines are creeping up on me now. I went in to school and set up my desk etc. yesterday. Today I will write lesson plans for the first week and make up a to-do list of materials to prepare. Wednesday I will go back into school and make my copies and prepare my materials if I can. There will be a few loose ends to tie up the last week of August but as my son may pull out of his overnight camp at the last minute, I don't want to take any chances.

This week my son is in tennis camp with his cousins. He was getting bored and lonely in the city and there were no kids up at the cottage. Last year he enjoyed the cousins + tennis day camp experience so much, I thought I'd repeat it, especially since I might not have have that week to plan at the end of August.

So, is school planning procrastinating? I'm supposed to be writing the play now. Instead I'm reading a novel called Merde Happens and writing my annual parent welcome letter, setting up my date book and schedule. Does it really matter? Probably not. I guess it all depends on your point-of-view.

Happy reading.