NANoWriMo in June

My one month to a 50 000 page 'novel,' (in length anyway) is almost over. According to the helpful schedule printed in No Plot No Problem (see previous) I should have written 30 006 words by the end of today. So far I have written 21 680, which is to say I am about four days behind.

I have been spending much of July having fun with visitors (first my brother and sister-in-law's from Peru and now my husband's family from Sweden). Today is my big catch up day as the Swedish contingent will be at the Eaton Centre shopping.

What to do? I could head over to the site dedicated to doing National Novel Writing Month in July ( and try to find some good writerly advice or... Nah, in the words of my favorite podcasting writer, Mur Lafferty, "I should be writing."

Watch my progress at the top corner of the screen. Can I make it to 30 000 today????

I think I might make it to 6000 screen views today, without much fanfare. Will you be # 6000? Scroll down to the bottom of this page and see. Please leave me a message if you feel moved to, especially if you are #6000!