Catching up on the 31 day 'novel'

In case any one reads this and thinks I'm creating a fabulous artistic work in 31 days, rest assured, if I put that kind of pressure on myself, I'd never reach the 50 000 word mark. The good news so far is that I seem to be naturally creating a related 'A' story and 'B' story. Sub-plots have never been a strength so this comes as a great relief. It helps reach that mightly 50 000 word goal if you have more than one character's story to tell.

I am supposed to have 30 000 words written by midnight tonight to be on schedule. I got woefully off-schedule last week, hanging out with my brother's visiting family from Peru at the cottage. This week there are visitors from Sweden, staying with my mother-in-law so I haven't been able to knock off my 1667 daily word quota regularly. For a couple of days, due to a cold plus the smog, I was too sick to write. I just wanted to sleep, cough and blow my nose. I never would have believed it could happen in Toronto.

To catch up, today I am doing a little marathon. Here are the number of words I have written so far:

21 680 (start)
23 905 (before lunch)
25 834 (by 2:33)
26 074 (by 2:45)
26 816 (by 4:35)
27 372 (by 5:00)

This works out, on my word processor, to about 134 pages, typed.

These may look like dull statistics to you, but when I'm working full-time in September, I want to be able to read this blog entry and know I have no excuse not to write more on the weekends!

Happy reading or writing, pick your poison!