Canada's Wonderland

Yesterday we took our Swedish visitors to Canada's Wonderland. It was a lot of fun and for once the weather cooperated. It was perfect, 26 degrees and dry. This was a great relief after visiting and trying to photograph Niagara Falls in the rain.

At Wonderland we investigated a few roller coasters but wait times were long. We went on two river boat rides and got completely soaked so that we wouldn't overheat. Once we had dried off, we spent the afternoon in the water park section of Wonderland. It was the perfect way to send the three girls back home to Sweden. It was just too bad we didn't have more time. Wonderland has expanded so much since I was a teenager. You need a couple of days to see it properly.

Today I'm trying to catch up on neglected household tasks as well as getting ahead on my word count. The next few days will be very busy with a trip to the cottage planned with the remaining Swedish contingent.

I'm a little concerned about wrapping up the story. There are so many loose ends to tie up that I'm pretty sure I'll need to surpass the 50 000 word target. I just hope I can write "the end" on this, very, rough draft before July 31. I did start July 2 and I could take until August 1, but aesthetically, it would be much more satisfying to finish in July.

Happy reading/ writing