New Blog Widget

I have a new toy on my blog that is perfect for readers. It's called TwitterLit. Look for it near the bottom of the blue sidebar. Twice a day the opening sentence of a new book is posted on this widget. It's fun inspiration for writing and reading. Find an opening line you like? Click on it for more info and a place to buy the book.

Writing Madness

I'm still on my editing hot streak. I've edited the first 188 pages of a 37 600 word manuscript. That means I have about 60 pages to go. Of course now that I've come this far, I can see I will have to rewrite the ending. As it turns out the ending of my rough draft is really only the last big turning point in the plot. Much new stuff remains to be written, including the climax.

What a relief. After going into writing hibernation since the start of school, I can truly say this weekend was not a fluke. I'm back in the saddle and writing off into the purple prose sunset.

Next job tonight? Finish reading Plot and Structure.

Happy reading.