Lest We Forget

Last week my students did an excellent series of tableaux to the tune of A Pittance of Time by Canadian singer Terry Kelly. It's a touching video based on a true story which you can easily find on YouTube. Here's a link: A Pittance of Time.

I continue to be impressed by the maturity and creativity of my grade 8 class this year. I really am very lucky and know I will miss them when they graduate.

Now Listening -- The Secrets Podcast

Yesterday I got through 60 pages of editing. This includes some new writing and lots of rewriting so I am very pleased with myself. I'm just sorry so many shortbread cookies had to sacrifice themselves in support of my work...

Currently I am reading Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell. It's another of those slightly cheesy but also very useful writing books from Writers' Digest. If there is something I need help with it's structuring the plot of my novel.

I am also compulsively listening to The Secrets Podcast, done by Michael A. Stackpole. Stackpole is a genre writer, possibly most famous for his Star Wars novels. I haven't read a thing by him so far but his advice on structuring novels and weaving subplots is specific and useful. If this sounds like your thing, check him out at TheSecrets@Stormwolf.com.

New Features

I have added a new feature to this blog called "This Day in History." I have also moved the "Match Up" game onto the sidebar. I can't help playing every time I log on. Now I can do so without scrolling to the bottom, and so can you.

Happy reading.

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