Humber Writers' Circle

I haven't done any editing this weekend. I've been too busy with my son's hockey team photo, my report cards, catching up on my marking and a bang-up Christmas party laid on by my husband's company. Tonight we're going to my brother's house for dinner. I feel very lucky to be busy in so many good ways. (Did I mention I've finished the report cards).

I haven't read any books to review lately, but I am looking forward to upcoming sessions of the Humber Writers' Circle talks. I'll try to post some insights from these sessions:

Saturday December 8
Author: Cynthia Holz (The Good Man)
Topic: Characterization

Saturday January 19
Author: Sally Cooper (Tell Everything )
Topic: From Teacher to Writer

Saturday February 23
Author: Joe Kertes (Gratitude)
Topic: The Editing Process

Saturday March 29
Author: Anthony De Sa (Barnacle Love)
Topic: Writing Short Stories

Those of you not living in Toronto may be interested in Humber's creative writing courses by correspondence. For more info see: Humber School of Creative & Performing Arts.

Lately there have been so many hits on this blog from outside North America. I love showing my cluster map to my son. He's learning where to find all sorts of places on the globe. I'm learning to value this blog. When I returned to school, I considered dropping it because work takes up plenty of time in the evenings and on weekends.

It seems logical to stop now. I've done what I set out to do: write something every day and learn to write reviews. The time it takes to blog is time I could be spending writing or editing fiction. I've decided to continue, for now, because there are people from all over the world reading my words. What more could I ask for?

Happy Reading!