Word on the Street - Favorite Book Clips

This year the weather was perfect for Word on the Street. The crowds were thronging, children were laughing, musicians were playing... My only complaint is I couldn't do it all.

I bought magazines and books, met lots of nice people who publish literary journals and even wrote an impromptu poem. I also went book-buying bananas! Scholastic had lots of deals, including books in French at giveaway prices. I bought some books from big publishers but saved most of my money for lit journals. I can buy from big names any day.

I regret not spending more time meeting authors. This year I didn't get even one autograph. There just wasn't time once I discovered the Humber School for Writers was offering free workshops. I once took their nine-month novel-writing correspondence course with Sandra Birdsell. It was a fabulous experience, although the novel I was working on was too ambitious for my skill level at the time. It now lives in a drawer, many times rewritten but not yet to my satisfaction.

This week, watch for upcoming articles on two writing workshops I attended in the Wordshop Marquee. Richard Scrimger (author of The Nose From Jupiter) told us "Everything You Need to Know About Writing for Children and Young Adults," while Kim Moritsugu (author of Looks Perfect) told us how she "Beat the Odds and Became a Published Author." The content of their talks was even more amusing than the titles.

As last year, I asked people at Word on the Street to name their favorite book. I began by asking for modern authors this year, but a few reading recommendations prior to WWI found their way into the list. I hope you find a new favorite here...

I will post more interviews and news from Word on the Street soon. Tonight my mark book is calling me and I must work.

Happy reading.

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