Test the Nation: Watch Your Language!

This is a CBC show which allows you to test your knowledge from the comfort of your chesterfield. The studio contestants included: The Celebrities, The Romance Writers, The English Teachers, The Sorority and Fraternity Students, The language gamers, The Comedians and the Ad Writers. The winner overall was a seventeen-year-old who is already publishing crosswords in newspapers. The winning team was the Ad Writers.

I sat through the whole test, carefully jotting down numbers and letters and hoping my son wouldn't wake up and interrupt me. The results?

I have finally found a quiz show that I wasn't lousy at. Could it be that the purpose of this show, unlike so many game shows, wasn't to sell me something?

I got 58/70 (83%). Wanna face me? Wanna? Huh? Huh? You can. It's pure fun for language geeks. If you missed the show tonight, you can play online at Test the Nation. Careful now, there are some questions designed to test your knowledge of Canadian English. I got tripped up by the Bismark question.

Of course what I'm really burning to know is:

  1. The average score on the winning team

  2. Russell Smith's score

  3. The score of the seventeen-year-old, overall winner and youngest contestant. I didn't catch his name but you can see his picture here.

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