Shameless Ego Boosting

I recently added a new gadget to my blog. If you scroll to the very bottom, you'll see a map which records the location of blog visitors. Lately I have been getting about 10 readers a day. I assumed, until now, that these readers were mostly friends I knew in the real world. I started this blog to keep track of my (now finished) sabbatical. I don't post ads. I don't handle contentious topics. I haven't run a contest or done much promotion. Where would I find the time to answer all the comments that would come with a big deal blog, even if I could create one?

Nevertheless I just love looking at my new toy. I have little red spots all over! USA, Canada (a big dot in Toronto, a small one in BC), India, Malaysia, France, Spain, England. I know who the red dot in Australia represents but Spain? I do love a good mystery: Is the Carol in Scarborough the thin blonde librarian I think she is? Will I finally meet Lotus some day? Is my vistitor from Lima, Peru a relative? Each small dot represents 1-9 visits so I'll never know without a comment from you.

Come out, come out wherever you are! If you've never left me a comment, why not say hello? I know I'm anonymous on this blog for work reasons but be creative and drop me a clue. Family and friends can also look me up on FaceBook, under my real name.

Writing Prompts:

There's a new site called Writers Island, which posts a new writing prompt every Saturday. Each Tuesday a new post opens where participants are encouraged to post a link to the creative responses on their blogs. I've discovered lots of interesting personal book blogs by participating in Booking Through Thursday, which follows a similar format.

I don't think I'll participate in Writers Island myself. It isn't prompts I lack, but time to write the ideas I have.

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