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I got nominated for a Nice Matters Award by Booklogged at A Reader's Journal. What do I know about Booklogged?

She is a teacher too who likes reading, scrapbooking, cooking and travelling.

Her favorite books are:

Poisonwood Bible
Jane Eyre
The Book Thief
The History of Love
Girl in Hyacinth Blue
Kite Runner
Goose Girl
My Sister's Keeper
Swallows of Kabul
Ella Minnow Pea
Odd Thomas
White Midnight
Curious Incident of the Dog in the the Nightime
Fooling with Words
An Instance of the Fingerpost
The Lovely Bones
The Secret Life of Bees
From the Corner of His Eye
The Little Country
Snow Flower & the Secret Fan
The History of Love
Pride & Prejudice

A worthy list to work through. I feel like a kid with a set of hockey cards: "Need 'em, got 'em, got 'em, need 'em.... She also has a particularly good-looking blog, A Reader's Journal. I appreciate all the little extras, including the Match Up game. It's so much fun I added it to my own blog.

I envy Booklogged's three-column format and many buttons and custom elements . Most of all, I approve of her colour choice. Booklogged has used the ideal colour combination, in fact. You could say her taste is exactly as good as mine.

Booklogged keeps or contributes to several other blogs:

In Season (Personal blog. I 'infected' her with the photo meme '8 random facts about me.')

Cardathon Challenge (Orson Scott Card fans)

Unread Authors

The Folks Aren't Home (Travel, gorgeous pictures)

I don't know where she finds time and energy to contribute so much writing and still nominate little-old-me for a Nice Matters Award. I'm not even all that nice...

I was recently sent a review copy of The Reavers by George MacDonald Fraser (author of the Flashman Papers). My upcoming critique will not be kind.

Happy reading.

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