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I got meme-tagged by Heather at Errant Dreams Reviews to list 8 random facts about myself. Here are the rules. If you want to play along, consider yourself tagged.

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Eight Random Facts (and photos) About Myself:

1) I am afraid of heights and had to psyche myself up to climb the Eiffel Tower stairs this summer. The lineup was so long, I couldn't bear the thought of waiting with my seven-year-old, despite slippery stairs and misty rain.

2) I used to be a competitive swimmer. It's the only sport I have ever excelled at. I've tried cross-country running, skating, aerobics, fencing, skiing and yoga but I think I'll stick to swimming. Master's swimmers range in age from 25 to 80+.

3) I directed trained actors for the first time this year. "Eulalie and the Great March" was a one-act play but we did it twice, in play form and in monologue form. More about that here if you're interested in this piece about a white South African woman, trying to resist Apartheid.

4) I am collecting dystopias to read because I'm writing a teen dystopia myself. Currently draft number one is finished and I am editing, by which I don't mean line-editing. I mean soul-searching and restructuring, trying to find the golden centre where themes, character and plot intersect.

5) I am a family-first person who likes to make friends of all ages. I often hang out with relatives and friends who are older or much older than myself. The upside is I see lots of operas and plays and eat many excellent dinners (I saw this Jazz band with my parents in South Carolina). The downside is people I used to hang with at work are retiring. It's a quirk of being a member of the smallest cohort, between the baby boomers and the boom echo generations.

6) It has no cachet but I love Scarborough, Ontario. There is so much nature here, despite the urban/suburban location. Toronto Life recently did a special issue on house-buying in Toronto. They didn't even cover Scarborough. It was their loss, and their readers'.

7) Why am I a butterfly? I feel weird talking about myself on this blog because it's supposed to be anonymous, all about the books and reviews. I am often disappointed when a paid columnist starts soapboxing about her personal peeves. Now I am being asked to do that very thing. I figure me rambling is not entertainment enough so I added photos to the original meme. I dunno. Are we bored yet? If so, here's something that was anything but boring, a picture of Alex Bello playing with Dominican Bachata at the Earthquake Relief Concert. Hat-cha-cha.

8) It costs me about $30.00 Canadian to fill my gas tank. This photo was taken in Scarborough, from the window of our ten-year-old Hyundai Accent.

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