Actually, I have a split personality

I couldn't resist doing The Hogwart's sorting quiz. My results were split evenly at 12 points each for: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I only got 7 Slytherin points .

It was cute that this netted me a "Gryffindor," instead of split loyalties. The makers of the site know we all want to be heroes.

I get divided results whenever I play with personality and intelligence tests. Those of you who don't giggle at astrology will probably put this down to my being a Libra. Regardless of cause, it explains why I'm a teacher.

I'm a generalist, expected to teach my class everything from French to Gym. The elementary teacher's secret weapon is research. You have to enjoy learning new things yourself, before you can teach others.

It's August 7 and what am I reading? Teaching websites, of course, particuarly the Toronto District School Board. I need a master plan for my new grade 8 assignment in the fall.

Happy reading.

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