My first 'possum

I took a quick clip of this baby opossum, found in the flower beds beside the beach side Holiday Inn at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I was most impressed with the fauna there. I saw crows, pelicans, gulls, snake birds, turtles, alligators, a snake over a metre long, cardinals and woodpeckers who seemed quite at home in palm trees, great blue herons. My favorite was a pair of owls in broad daylight near the tops of some pine trees.

This trip made me wish I was a good photographer, with a telephoto lens.

To any 'real world' friends who might see this entry, visit my pics on Facebook. I'm a little too shy to post pitures of my family on a public website, but I still have time to 'friend' you if you're fast. This weekend I start a new trip.

I won't be posting much for a bit because I'm going to Europe for a month. Next stop, Paris, the city of legendary writers, critics and readers. In grade twelve I used to love watching a French TV show called Bouillon de Culture or some such. Celebrities such as Stephanie de Monaco would fill the live audience, eager to watch debates and discussions about the latest French books. Is there a place where novelists are better treated than France? Ireland has tax breaks but celebrity worship? In any case, Canada has nothing like it.

Until I manage another post from home or, maybe, overseas, happy reading!

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