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I haven't been blogging lately due to computer problems. They are not completely fixed but I'm posting anyway.

I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening plus all day today casting a play.

I haven't been reading much, but I did listen to over 85 prepared monologues plus another 80 or so cold readings. I've found myself thinking in monologues, while brushing my teeth, while taking the train... In fact, since I'm shamelessly writing about myself here, I guess you could call this a blog-o-logue.

My callbacks are Wednesday. Heck, I almost feel like a big shot director! ;-) Well, not really... but I've seen a lot of humblingly good talent. One of the highlights has been hearing different interpretations of the same pieces.

For the New Ideas Festival, directors choose their favorites from the open casting call and then arrange callbacks. There is no guarantee that the actor you like best will not choose a different show in the festival. The organizers have the final say, however, and they take great pains to keep it fair. So far I've been extremely impressed by the Alumni Theatre's organization and welcoming attitude. I can't commend these volunteers enough.

Happy reading!

Crispy, crunchy, wholesome: Cereal Girl

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