Theatre of the Mind

Currently reading: Theatre of the Mind: Raising the Curtain on Consciousness

You may have seen Jay Ingram co-host Discovery channel's science magazine, Daily Planet. It's my son's favorite show. What would he think of me if I confessed my other favorite is something called "Ugly Betty?"

I am enjoying Ingram's book, which initiates the layman into current scientific debate about consciousness. I say debate because nobody seems to have the answers. Even our equipment isn't precise enough to map consciousness in terms of brain activity. Then there are those who postulate that consciousness isn't really in the brain at all...

Topics of discussion include: dreams, the evolution of consciousness, animal consciousness, right and left brain functioning, dreaming, freewill, illusions of consciousness and delusions of perception. In each case, Ingram gives you the bare bones of the most interesting arguments, along with a few of his own observations for illustration.

The prose is a little dense at times, but if it weren't he wouldn't be doing his subject justice. I'm enjoying it.

Happy reading!

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