Mythspring and Seasonal Merrymaking

My friend Roben Goodfellow just got a story published in her very first book! It's a collection of short stories called Mythspring.

The anthology is inspired by Canadian songs and explores myths and legends across several genres. I have to buy it before I can review it, so watch this space for further developments.

In the meantime, here is a link to an MP3 interview, from the editor's website: Mythspring Mp3. The collection is introduced by SF writer Julie E. Czerneda with stories by:

Daniel Archambault
Alison Baird
Charles de Lint
James Alan Gardner
Roben Goodfellow
Tanya Huff
Lorne Kates
Genevieve Kierans
Mark Ladouceur
Claude Lalumière
Karin Lowachee
Derryl Murphy
Fiona Patton
Karina Sumner-Smith
Lynda Williams

Holidays are for face-to-face

I don't know how much I'll be posting in the next little while. The great Canadian YA dystopia is beckoning me and too much procrastination might kill it. Plus, at this time of year there are more important considerations.

The shortest days of the year should be spent with friends and family. While my little guy is off school I will definitely be spending all the time I can with him. Childhood only feels long to children and this may be the last year he believes in Santa Claus.

If you're stuck on Christmas presents, buy someone you love a book. Midlist or Canadian or environmentally friendly would be extremely virtuous, of course, but a book is a good in itself. Besides, as my buddy bluebuddhabead says, they're dead easy to wrap.

My modest recipie for a new year of happiness? Read, think, share and love together.

Happy reading, and happy holidays.

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