Survey, Carbon Dioxide and a Street Writer

I was delighted when, in reference to my previous post about flash fiction, anocturne said:

"i have seen this in circulation on the blogworld - a bunch of folks i visit have something called the "friday fifty-five" and one is supposed to post a 55 word piece every friday. it's a good idea - maybe we could start a "saturday 65" and take off, eh? like you said, it would be good discipline, and i know a couple of folks who would jump right in."

A Saturday 65 feature would be paragraph stories of 65 words (or a little less). The challenge would be to make a real story in so few words.

Wikipedia has a fair bit to say about flash fiction. I want to know what you have to say:

  1. Would readers of this jump right in and submit?
  2. Is this the place to post these 65 word entries? I usually post reviews, not fiction.
  3. Should I include 65 word quotes from classic literature?
  4. Should I include my own 65 word stories or non-fiction once in a while?
  5. Should the format be free or should I impose a form, say, satirical back-of-book blurbs to go with the overall 'reading' theme?
  6. How often should I post these 65 page pieces? Monthly? Weekly?
  7. Who would read them? Check out the page views button at the bottom of the page. This is a non-profit, low volume blog.

I would be very interested in some feedback. If I no one responds, that will answer all my questions.

If you want to reply, why not send me a 65 word piece to encourage me!

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