SSL4You & Escape Pod

Do you have trouble reading on the bus? Want to take your books everywhere yet still keep your hands free? I recently discovered PodioBooks via the "I should be writing," podcast:

Podiobooks offers free podcasts of books, split into weekly installments. If you are impressed with their services and choose to donate, Podiobooks splits the money with the creators of their podcasts. There are all sorts of categories, including dramatized serials, fantasy, science fiction and fan fiction. I even found one story labelled "Magic Realism." Here's the link if you are interested:

I listened to Theresa Sanchez' excellent Spanish podcast again today. I put a link on one of my previous entries, but as of today it's also in my link list.

Her most recent podcast talks about the excuses people give for not coming in to work. As usual, it's informative and gently funny. ¬°Que disfrutes!

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