Word on the Street

This year Word on the Street was so big that I ran out of time before I got to the children’s and SF vendors. Too bad for my husband and son. Usually I bring home goodies for them – that is if I don’t bring them along. One reason I was rushed is that this year I volunteered and I did an experimental survey.

I spent two hours behind the counter of the CANSCAIP booth from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. This was an excellent learning experience because I got to talk to working children’s authors, including CANSCAIP president, Gillian Chan. Too bad I didn’t bring my copy of The Carved Box for autographing! I once attended her seminar on the process of novel writing at CANSCAIP’s annual Packaging Your Imagination Conference. Up close she is just as friendly and helpful as at the workshop. She even agreed to take part in my experiment-of-the-day.

A survey isn’t normally considered experimental, but getting it up on this blog might be. While at Word on the Street I asked people to name their favorite books and taped their replies. I now have tiny video clips of reading suggestions from avid readers and writers, some of whom you may recognize.

Today I am posting my very first clip (Gillian Chan). I am still figuring out the best way to post video to Blogger. There should be lots more tomorrow…