Lotus Reads & Writing For Children

I have discovered a top rate reader's blog. It's called Lotus Reads. You can get to it through my new link. It features an eclectic mix of reviews, opinions and cross-cultural creativity. My kind of space.

Here is a view from University Avenue. I thought I should take a picture before the trees lose their leaves and the flowers get frosted. North of Toronto, the colours are already out. Time always rushes through fall.

For me fall is about energy. It's time for new beginnings and exciting projects. I could start with the two canvas bags of books and magazines I brought home from Word on the Street! It may take a while. I feel so greedy, and so lucky.

On Thursday I begin Peter Carver's class on writing for children. I adored his beginner class last year. It was was inspiring, yet low key. This time it's the advanced class: workshop format, writers who are more experienced.

Peter Carver is an editor with Red Deer Press. I was extremely impressed with his work on Mosh Pit, by Kristyn Dunion. (It's a raw, teen book about coming of age and coming out of the closet with current day punk sensibilities). There wasn't a wasted word in the whole thing. The voices of Simone and Cherry are dead-on for dialogue and interior monologue.

Who, me n-n-n-nervous?

Here is a link to an article about Peter's classes via the George Brown College website. His classes already fill up quickly so I'm not doing myself any favours but hey, when something's this good, you can't keep it to yourself.