Legends at the Royal Alex

Today I saw Legends starring Joan Collins and Linda Evans. I don’t expect the Mirvish subscription series to be edgy but it generally provides quality entertainment. As usual, the sets were lovely, the costumes professional. Today’s play, unfortunately, was boring. The jokes blunt; the repartee, tired.

To be fair, the script was more to blame than the leads. The supporting cast members were colourful and energetic. I enjoyed watching “Boom Boom Johnson,” the strip-o-gram guy, parachuted into the plot by coincidence, to inject sexiness into a show that should have some…

The most amazing moment, for me, was the end when a patron seated behind me exclaimed that this was the best show she’d ever seen. Poor thing.

I never did understand the appeal of Dynasty. In the eighties I scorned the soaps and preferred music videos. Still do.