Interview Clips from Word on the Street

At Word on the Street I asked readers and writers to name their favorite book. The answers I got ranged from picture books to Chaucer.

Instead of clogging up this site with slow-loading pictures, I have made up a playlist on YouTube. You can find all of the survey results from Word on the Street here:

If you prefer, these are the individual links with captions:

Chester Brown’s Favorite:

Andrea Wayne von Konigslow’s Favorite(s):

Scarborough Writer’s favorite book:

Kristine’s favorite book:

Chet’s favorite book:

It’s still not too late!

Best book in Romanian:

How does one possibly choose?

An opinion “from Guernica”

Canadian Content at Magazine’s Canada:

It’s so creepy…

Her current is classic:

This charming PWAC rep is...

You can buy it right here:

Zinester Suzanne Sutherland's favorite:

A greenish book for a green bookstore:

Greg Wood’s favorite Book:

For the Record -- Ian Darling’s favorite:

Kiss Machine:

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